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Antislip specialises in providing high quality non-slip safe solutions as well as Commercial pre Clean & restoration service’s for any surface.

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Innovative Solutions for Non Slip Treatment & Sealing Technologies.

Our Solutions are Unique

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Maintenance and Care

Here you will find information pertaining to Industrial Deep Cleaning Care, BCA Standards, Slip test Standards and much more

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Helping Local Community

Antislipme helping community sponsership

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Safe to use on any washable surface including vehicles, waste containers, machinery, porcelain, tiles, marble, all metals, painted surfaces, kitchens and much more!

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Whether its Kitchen Grease buildup, Bio filming, mineral tiles, truck tailgates chances are we can provide a solution with our extensive range of products.

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Granit,Marble,Porcelain,Ceramic,Mineral Tile, Metal,Wood,Vinyl,Lino ………….. Any Surface made safer,

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Hello and Welcome to Antislipme,

My Name is Tony Delaveris and I am writing to introduce myself to you as the Executive at AntiSlipMe (ASM) responsible for ensuring our customers are fully leveraging their Assets in Anti Slip Protection and assisting WHS & Duty of care Compliance.

As you may be aware AntiSlipMe have been supporting business and residential clients for over 2 years. Our clients confide in us for their Risk assessment Policy through our extensive services that include Nonslip solutions, commercial degreasing, strip and seal services and Slip test evaluation.

We are committed to ensuring our customers achieve continual value from their Asset investment and we would love to discuss options with regard to our solution, which we believe are an innovative step ahead of our competitors.

Cost and Compliance

  • Adhere to The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Adhere to The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Adhere to The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Seeks to comply with the following regulations: Australian Standards, Handbook HB 197:1999 AS 4586-2013 & AS 4663-2013)
  • To establish a standardised test method covering all types of surfaces/floorings irrespective of material and market aspects;
  • Minimise costs related to certification by harmonising the test method; certification criteria vary from member state to member state;
  • Reduce the costs of liability insurance rates;

Train staff

  • Information on the correct use of cleaning products, which can be customised to specific environments.
  • The importance of regular floor surface cleaning and maintaining housekeeping procedures for preventing slip, trip or fall on the same level hazards. Cleaning staff should be trained on the methods required and control procedures such as restricting access and using appropriate signage during cleaning to warn of slippery floors.

Products and Services

  • Advanced Technology integrated into ASM product solutions- ASM is recognized as a provider of leading Nonslip Treatment of surface technologies and has developed unique integrated application system for Non Slip requirements.
  • Protecting your investments and leveraging your assets
  • Retain a Gloss look

Quantitative Indicators of the Business Environment

The following list of quantitative indicators describes the business environment in order to provide adequate information

“According to workers compensation data for 2004/05, total direct costs due to slips, trips and falls on the same level in NSW were about $110 million. The average cost per claim was about $18,900. NSW workers compensation statistics for slips, trips and falls on the same level for 2004/05 show that:

  • about 5900 claims were made for serious injury or illness, which represent about 13 per cent of all injuries and illness claims
  • About 58 per cent of injuries due to falls on the same level are sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles, followed by fractures (18 per cent) and contusion with intact skin surface and crushing injury excluding those with fracture (12 per cent).”

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the options noted and ensure it not only meets your business objectives but that the solution also offers ongoing benefits to your place of business…

Our partnerships with our customers are underpinned by our history of delivering Nonslip services on time and on budget. We achieve successful outcomes by developing, supporting and implementing our solutions with our in-house products and delivery team here in Australia.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your requirements.

Thank you,

Tony Delaveris

Customer Safety and Success Director ASM

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